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Murdoch Mysteries 6x04. A Study In Sherlock. Less painful than fact

I wonder if Andrew Gower has any idea that some people's default reaction to him (like yours truly) is "CUUUUUTE!" and "D'awwww!" Andrew traditionally breaks his fans hearts and dances on the fragments by choosing roles where he suffers horribly and dies no less horribly or roles where half the time he isn't there at all. Murdoch Mysteries finally put things right. Please welcome: a more or less "happy", Andrew-centric episode!

1. I'd never seen any of the episodes of Murdoch Mysteries until an hour ago. It seems interesting, though I probably wouldn't have watched it at all if not for Andrew. I did like the opening titles though. The case was okay too.

2. Have you ever imagined Andrew with a beard? I hadn't, but I still got it. Dun-dun-dun.

3. Andrew's Sherlock (whom we shall henceforth dub Baby Sherlock, because he is 23 even if he claims to be 40) is adorable and awwwww-inducing. Now I want a meeting between the latest new Sherlocks: RDJ will experiment, Cumberbatch will look smug, Johnny Lee Miller will get him a hooker, and Gower will just stand there and look adorable. Or, you know, yell at people.

4. I have to confess that apart from "awww", Andrew has an uncanny ability to make me sob. The post-hypnosis scene is heartbreaking and close-ups of his face should really be illegal because he looks so young and so vulnerable that you automatically want to give him a hug, a shock blanket and a statue in Brazil.

5. We also happen to have a shirtless Sherlock here. Again, a parade please: Benedict in his sheet, Lee Miller with his tats, crossdressing RDJ and this. Half the time he looks illegal.

6. Sherlock Holmes got to meet his creator, too. The scene between him and Conan Doyle was hilarious.

So what you're suggesting, after I strip away the condescension, is that I don't exist.

Given that you seem to have earned your reputation on the basis of my adventures, I submit to you, Mr Doyle, that I created you.

Not to mention, giving ACD the ideas for the return of Sherlock, such as the identity of Moran and the way for Holmes to have survived the Reichenbach Falls. XDDD

7. Baby Sherlock getting his world crushed deserves a special mention. When he asks how long he's been pretending, I think I can hear my heart break into little pieces.

8. Meet David, Sherlock's tragic alter ego. What I particularly loved about Murdoch's attitude is that he ultimately decided that there was no point curing David. As Dr Ogden told him, such delusions are mostly harmless, and in David's case, I think, they're even good for him.

Also, LOL at Andrew's somewhat changed accent when he's being David. Also, is it just me or is Andrew's seriously weird blinking really cute? And finally, as a dedicated Cutler fan, I can't avoid mentioning that his intonation when he confronted his uncle somewhat reminded me of Cutler's "You marooned me in a different world! Talk about burning my bridges!" XD

You had him killed. And for what? This? [a diamond] Squeeze it hard, uncle. Clasp it lovingly to your chest because you are about to die for it.

9. There is one guy who is not Andrew in this show who deserves a mention: Constable George Crabtree.

It's his idea for Baby Sherlock to meet Conan Doyle, and he's generally cute and aww-inducing, though not to Andrew's extent.

In short, I don't have much to say about this show or even this episode, because it is so full of Andrew (who does not for once die a horrible death) that my brain has ceased and desisted. Adios!
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